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Our Pool & Spa Services

The swimming season is fast approaching.

We’re sure you are eagerly awaiting the warm weather and refreshing dips. In order for us to organize and schedule your opening effectively, please contact us. Appointments will be scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.

Here are some of our new and most popular services…

SERVICES spring opening  

Spring Openings

Aqua-Clear Pool and Spa will open your pool for the season so that you don't need to deal with the bulky cover, strange smells and frustrating leaks. Most complete opening packages include: Remove brush and fold cover, turn on filter system and check for proper operation, test water chemistry and make initial adjustments, perform initial vacuum on pool, notify customer of any foreseeable problems.

SERVICES winter closings  

Winter closings

Aqua-Clear will properly winterize your pool to prevent all types of damage caused by freezing temperatures and severe weather. For a winterization, we will: lower water level to below tile line, disassemble and clean filter, drain filter and heating system, blow out and plug plumbing lines, add a winterizing chemical kit, and install the cover.

SERVICES weekly maintenance  

Weekly Maintenance

Aqua-Clear has the ability to maintain your swimming pool for you so that all you need to do is enjoy it. We have several different plans available depending on your needs. After a schedule is set, we will be out the same day every week.

SERVICES filter system repair and replacement  

Filter System Repair and Replacement

Aqua-Clear has several options for the customer depending on which direction he/she wants to go with a repair or replacement. We have the ability to obtain factory authorized replacement parts or generics. We service pumps, filters, heaters, lights, electronic controls and chlorine generating systems.

SERVICES pool safety cover  

Safety Covers

Aqua-Clear can replace that old water bag cover with an elegant custom cut safety cover that will add safety and value to your pool. From standard rectangle sizes, to large custom cut safety covers with multiple cut outs. Our computerized programs enable us to get the measurements right the first time and will ensure a clean cut fit.

SERVICES chlorine generating systems  

Chlorine Generating Systems

Aqua-Clear can turn your ordinary chlorine consuming pool into a chlorine producing pool that will reduce your consumption and allow for softer feeling water.

SERVICES winter cover storage  

Winter Cover Storage

Aqua-Clear has the storage area available to safely store your winter cover over the summer months. This not only allows you to have more room at your house, it prevents critter damage that can destroy your cover.